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Rainbarrels and Gutter Systems: How they Work Together

Can my Gutter System and a Rain Barrel Save Me Money And Protect The Environment?
The right guttering system with downspout combined with a rain barrel can lower your utility bills and help you preserve our natural resources. During summer months, nearly 40% of total household water use comes from lawn and garden watering. Rain barrels collect water from your gutter system and store it to use for car washing, watering plants or to top off a swimming pool. This ample supply of free “soft water” contains no chlorine, calcium or lime making it perfect for vegetable gardens and flower pots as well as car, window and pet washing.rain_barrel_small

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), most homeowners will save 1,300 gallons of water from the using a rain barrel properly attached to their gutter system. Saving water will not only lower utility bills, but it diverts water from storm drains which decreases the impact of runoff on local streams.

Tips for Keeping your Rain Barrel Clean and Safe:

- Keep your barrel sealed with a fitted lid that blocks light. This will stop animals and children from falling into the water and prevent algae from growing in your barrel.
-Use a Gutter Helmet gutter guard to keep your water clear of leaves and other debris.
-Direct excess water away from your home’s foundation or into a second barrel with an overflow device.
-Be sure your gutters are properly installed and clean for maximum water collection.

diverterAt Gutter Helmet our trained professionals have been helping Western North Carolina Homeowners with their gutter system and rain water reclaimation since 1991. Give Gutter Helmet of WNC in Asheville, NC a call today at 828-681-555 for a free inspection or estimate and find out how your gutter system and a rain barrel can start saving you money today. Use your home’s resources today to start a water conservation program. Install a rain barrel to your gutter system and start harvesting rain water today!

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Why buy a Rain Barrel? How do Rain barrels work?

At a time when many municipal water districts are experiencing water shortages and consumers are being hit with higher water and sewage bills, the benefits of harvesting free water falling from the sky are more attractive than they have been in decades.

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal about the resurgence of rain barrels in suburban areas, until the 1940s, the rain barrel was a common sight at farms and homes throughout rural America. Rainwater often was softer than pipe-supplied water, and wooden feed-barrels scattered beneath the steep roof of a barn could catch hundreds of gallons of water during a brief shower. But with modern plumbing, the rain barrel became unnecessary.

Today rain barrels are a great solution for every home. Whether you’re agardener or a homeowner simply looking for ways to save on your water bill and ensure that your plants don’t suffer in the next drought, consider an old-fashioned technology: rainwater harvesting with rain barrels.rain-barrel-1

Catching and saving rainwater is nothing new. Generations ago, families saved water in barrels, ponds or cisterns for use in watering plants, washing clothes and even drinking. Such water-saving is still common in many parts of the world. Asheville gets roughly 40 inches of rain a year, with the heaviest rainfall in March. Saving rainwater is also a great way to reduce your need for municipal water and reduce your garden’s water consumption. Some simple planning will prevent the most common problems with rain-saving. If you use a rain barrel, follow these general rules:

  • Use a tight-fitting, light-blocking lid to keep children and animals out of the water and stop the development of algae.
  • Add a gutter screen or guard to keep leaves and other debris out of the water
  • Use an overflow device to direct excess water away from your home’s foundation when the tank is full.
    Monitor the cistern to ensure intakes and overflows aren’t blocked.

Gutter Helmet installs rain barrels in a variety of colors and also offers Rain Diverter kits that redirect water when tanks get full.  Rain barrels are typically installed under a downspout or roof flashing. A more attractive solution is to install a water diverter. This prevents damage to the screen from torrential rains, and it is preferred by some Home Owner’s Associations for aesthetic reasons.Add a Garden Watersaver Downspout to your order and we’ll ship the diverter for no additional shipping charge. Please note – your diverter will ship from a separate location and may arrive before your rain barrel.


And remember – water stored in Rain Barrels is not potable unless treated, and should not be used as drinking water. Harvesting rainwater makes good sense. Start storing up that spring rain today. Gutter Helmet of WNC can help. They offer high quality rain barrels right here in the Asheville area.

The Most Attractive Rain Barrel available in Asheville

Quality features such as solid brass spigot, aluminum intake screen, wood grain detailing & natural color choices make this functional and durable Rain Barrel a great addition to any home’s exterior for years to come. 54 Gallon Spruce Creek rain barrels are available from Gutter Helmet WNC in Arden (outside Asheville). They will professionally install your rain barrel so you can start harvesting rain water.
Colorful, High Quality Rain Barrels:

• Available in (original) Moss Green or Terra Cotta (brick) colorrain-barrel-new
• Capacity 54 gallons, weight 25 pounds
• Height 36 inches, diameter 23 inches
• 5-Year Guarantee
• Connect two or more barrels together (via overflow hose) with our linking adaptor
• Safe ‘closed design’ prevents risk of drowning for children, pets or wild animals
• Solid brass threaded spigot is garden hose compatible
• Screened intake and overflow openings, prevent insect entry (a requirement in many communities)
• Manufactured and assembled in USA
• Automatic overflow with six foot diverter hose (can be extended to almost any length with standard sump pump hose) allows excess overflow to be directed to garden or yard
• Sturdy 1/4 inch thick, UV protected polyethylene plastic. One piece (unseamed) design provides ultimate durability, and endures pressure of expanding ice in winter months
• Fully assembled for easy installation in minutes. Entire top of rainsaver collects and funnels water inside so that precise downspout connection is not necessary. Just direct falling water anywhere on top of barrel
• Two dispensing levels (extra adapter included) for connecting hose to barrel while maintaining spigot access

For more information on purchasing and installing Rain Barrels in the Asheville area, call the your local installation experts at Gutter Helmet WNC 828-681-5555.

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