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The Permanent Solution to Gutter Problems

Clogged gutters causing water to build up and ice dams to from? Just say NO to gutter troubles once and for all. Once you have the patented Gutter Helmet solid gutter protection system installed, you’ll never have to clean your gutters again and ice damns will be a thing of the past. So stay off that dangerous ladder and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with owning a Gutter Helmet system for your home. Our lifetime warranty ensures you’ll never need to worry about your gutters for the life of your home.


  • Prevents clogs that may lead to water damage to roofs, siding and fascia
  • Keeps leaves out and prevents clogged gutters; keeps gutters protected to prevent nesting insects and animals
  • Installs over existing gutter system or on fascia
  • All-weather protection keeps gutters debris free and water flowing safety away from your home
  • Patented PermaLife™ Coating resists chalking, fading and build up
  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty

Clogged gutters can cause a host of problems for the average Indiana homeowner, including water damage to your home’s interior and exterior, caused by clogged overflowing gutters. Water exposure over time can cause wood rot and damage to siding, roofing and fascia, not to mention problems with mold and mildew inside and outside your home. Overflowing gutters can also lead to landscape erosion.

Call Gutter Helmet of Western North Carolina in Arden today for a free estimate on a complete Gutter Helmet system for your home. We will thoroughly inspect and clean your gutters before installing your long lasting gutter protection system. Our reinforced brackets actually strengthen and support your existing gutter system to help it withstand the weight of snow and ice in the winter. Just another reason why Gutter Helmet is the one and only, the permanent gutter solution.  Call 800-217-6355 or visit  today for more information.


Gutter Helmet Gutter Guards Can Help Protect Your Home From Water Damage

clogged gutters

clogged gutters

Do your rain gutters have small trees or weeds growing in them? Maybe you don’t have this problem, but when it rains, your gutters overflow.  If you don’t clean your gutters, leaves and tree debris will accumulate, break down and clog gutters, causing them not to drain properly. The goal of gutters is to safely channel rain water away from your home’s exterior. Without them, your home is prone to mold, mildrew,water damage, rotting fascia, landscape damage and a host of other water related problems.


Gutter Helmet Installed Over Gutters

Protecting your gutters from being clogged is only one problem you are facing. The other is the hazard invovled with cleaning gutters yourself. Many people today live in 2 story homes. Cleaning gutters can be downright deadly.  If you’re climbing dangerous ladders to clean gutters – you don’t have to! Stop the damage that clogged, overflowing gutters can cause and never clean your gutters again. Gutter Helmet of WNC in Asheville stops leaves from entering your gutters, guaranteed. That’s the Gutter Helmet promise and why over one million American’s homeowners have installed this patented gutter protection system. Safeguarding your home and health is easy with Gutter Helmet.

Gutter Helmet was the very first gutter guard cover developed and it’s  the best gutter cover system in America today. The product’s patented horizontal-rib design is engineered specifically for strength. It’s installed using reinforced heavy gauge brackets that support and strengthen your gutters to also help prevent ice dams and damage to gutters from heavy snows.

For more information or a free consultation, call the gutter guards pros in Western North Carolina at Gutter Helmet today 1-828-681-5555 Gutter Helmet gutter guards keep rain gutters free from leaves and debris forever. Never clean your gutters again®. Visit for details or to request a free quote. Ask us how you can save $250 off Gutter Helmet today!

Rain Gutters and Ice Dams

Do you have icicles hanging from your gutters? This can be the first warning sign that you have ice dams on your roof.  An ice dam is a sheet of ice that forms at the edge of the roof, typically at the gutters or soffit. When this happens, water backs up behind the ice dam and creates a pool of water that can leak into your home and cause expensive damage to ceilings, walls and insulation.

Ice dams are typically a result of heavy snowfall combined with improper ventilation in the attic. Warm areas on your roof cause areas of snow to melt. The water then runs down your roof under colder frozen snow and when it reaches a cold spot, like a soffit, rain gutter or valley – it freezes again causing an ice dam.

Properly ventilating and insulating the attic is the best way to prevent ice dams. The usual recommendation for proper ventilation is 1 square foot of vent for every 150 feet of attic floor area. Cleaning the rain gutters on your home can also help prevent ice dams from occurring but they can still occur if the conditions are right. Installing solid gutter covers – like Gutter Helmet, can often prevent ice dams from forming on gutters. Solid gutter covers provide a protective barrier. The prolonged existence of ice dams can actually damage gutters by tearing them away from your roof.

It’s a good idea to have your roof and gutters evaluated before ice becomes an issue and stop the problem before it starts. You can contact a licensed roofing professional or your local Gutter Helmet dealer to discuss the best solution. Removing ice dams can be very dangerous. We recommend contacting a roofing professional if this occurs.

For more information on preventing gutter damage or installing protective gutter covers, call the experts at Gutter Helmet of WNC. We’ll help protect your home from ice dams and the damage they can cause. Visit or call 828-681-5555 for more details.

Ice Dams on Gutters Can be Dangerous and Cause Expensive Damage

winter-gutterWinter in Asheville can bring with it weather extremes of warm and cold, which can lead to melting snow, freezing ice and ice dams. Ice dams on your roof and gutters can be a huge problem. Not only are ice dams a safety hazard, but ice is heavy and can weigh down gutters causing them to bend or tear away from roofs and fascia. 

How do you prevent ice buildup in gutters to prevent damage?
• First be sure to avoid clogged gutters and downspouts. This means cleaning your gutters thoroughly in the fall to encourage proper  drainage and prevent ice and snow from accumulating.
• Second, install a sturdy gutter cover that will keep ice and snow out of gutters so they won’t be weighed down. Gutter Helmet offers the ultimate in gutter protection.
• Third, if you have an extension on your downspout that curves, remove it for winter. It can fill with snow and ice and back up causing problems.
• Lastly, don’t let wet, heavy snows accumulate on your roof. If you have a foot or more remove it, so when it melts, the runoff won’t overflow over ice over gutters weighing them down and leading to damage.gutter-guards

One way to prevent ice dams and protect your gutters is to install a Gutter Helmet gutter protection system. Plus, Gutter Helmet® is expertly installed with heavy gauge reinforced support brackets to give gutters added strength and support in the event heavy snow accumulates on roof tops.

For more information about protecting your gutters this winter, contact the gutter pros at Gutter Helmet of WNC. Gutter Helmet also offers cleaning, repair and installation of new seamless aluminum gutters.
For more information visit or call Gutter Helmet of WNC in Arden/Asheville at 828-681-5555.

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