Rain Barrels & Water Conservation

Rain BarrelsSpring Saver Rain Barrels offer generous 50 gallon capacity with dual spigot access to accommodate user preferences, dual overflow connections for dispersing water effectively to drainage or irrigation, a recessed top that prevents splashing or spilling and a downpour overflow channel to manage flash storms. Attractively designed to enhance outdoor settings near home or business, it's available in 4 colors or 100% recycled black and features a flat back design that hugs buildings and walls.

Rain Barrels and Water Conservation

Features:Rain Barrel Colors

  • free 4 ft. overflow/linking kit
  • dual overflow (hose compatible)
  • stores 50 gallons
  • compact flatback design
  • recessed low-splash top
  • flash storm channel
  • threaded spigot (2 access points)
  • corrosion proof intake screen
  • size 24 x 19 x 33" tall
  • high density polyethylene
  • made in USA
  • all colors contain partial recycled
  • Deep Green, TerraCotta, OakWood, Granite (tan) or Recycled Black

Start harvesting precious rain water today. For more information on our colourful rain barrels call Gutter Helmet of WNC today at 828-681-5555.